First off, if you’re looking for a review, you can rest assured that one is in the works.  But this post is just a big congratulations to Israeli startup Soluto.  The company is the winner of the TechCruch Disrupt competition.

Disrupt is a conference, but more.  It’s a chance for startups to meet with executives, for companies to find a voice at launch and a way for new technologies to be unmasked.  Soluto fit the bill perfectly, as both a startup and an impressive technology.

Without getting into the details, Soluto is a name that the computing mass as a whole will become very familiar with in the coming months.  The application finds and fixes issues within your Windows-based system, but it is also creating an Internet-wide genome for PC problems.  For now, they’re popping champagne and taking a well-deserved moment to pat their own backs.

Bravo, Soluto!