This Is The Best iPad Application In The World, And It Only Costs A Buck

This Is The Best iPad Application In The World, And It Only Costs A Buck

Hold the phones, grab your iPad and head to the app store, you have to download this application right now.

What app do you so desperately need? It’s called Atomic Web, and it is a much better browser for your shiny Apple slate. No more will you surf in Safari and be constantly burned by non-tabbed browsing. Tabless Safari feels like IE6 for the mac.

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Atomic Web browser not only has tabs (a godsend), but it also contains a bundle of small features that make browsing seem much more intuitive for a touch computer. Best part, it only costs a dollar for the premium version. You spent $500+ on your iPad already, do yourself the service of spending the dollar to make it 100% better.

What are these small features? Font size changing on the fly, simple sharing to Twitter and Facebook, private browsing mode, and on and on. The full list is here. The browser also works on iPhone, and iPod Touch, but it truly shines on your iPad.

This is what it looks like:

Go get it and spend your weekend flaunting you iPad to friends that don’t have one, and your new browser to those who do.

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