Ninite, the all in one easy PC setup tool recently released a pro version of their service targeted towards businesses.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ninite, it’s a customizable installer where you can pick and choose from the wide variety of software that Ninite offers on their site and create one big installer which can then be downloaded and easily installed onto your computer.

The pro version of Ninite is very similar to the free version, but includes faster performance and “silent mode” which allows you to hide the progress window and run the installer in the taskbar. The pro version of Ninite is targeted at businesses with less than one hundred computers to manage and costs $20 a month.

Ninite’s pro version is sure to be a hit with businesses wanting a quick and easy to way to install the software they need on multiple computers, and of course it continues to be a hit with free users using it to download and easily install their favorite applications.