2010-02-24_2335 Zahdoo, a personal cognitive utility (PCU) with augmented socio-cognition, belongs to a new class of semantic applications that enhance user’s content and experience by analyzing, linking and building relationships contextually while seamlessly integrating user’s content and experience with the external content and services.  Zahdoo redefines the digital interactivity for the user and augments it with socio-cognition using built-in productivity and social networking applications such as auto-tagging, MindU, and CADIE the semantic context guide.  Zahdoo in essence elevates the human machine interaction by contextually capturing and pushing the relevant content to the user.  Zahdoo also provides pre-defined contextual tag guides to quickly navigate and enable users to set up and view their activities and information from a different temporal context or dimension.  CADIE is not a ‘search engine’. CADIE helps you understand for a given topic ‘what could be out there and what else might be of interest to me’ by providing a context guide. CADIE is primed with some initial content which provides inadequate results at this point but experimenting and trying to understand the possibilities will provide insight into the workings of CADIE and the eventual possibilities.  More details at Social Media Search Engine.  (But do you really want them?)