Google’s acquisition of reMail indicates a new focus on mobile service improvements

Google’s acquisition of reMail indicates a new focus on mobile service improvements

It has been a good week for Gabor Cselle and an interesting one for Google. reMail, Gabor’s awesome iPhone app for Gmail management has been acquired by Google with Gabor becoming a Gmail Product Manager in Mountain View. The news is not only great for Gabor but also an interesting move from Google.

The search giant has already been making great strides in its mobile aspirations with the launch of the Nexus One and improvements to its Android Operating System, and now it seems they are turning their attentions to improving core services such as Gmail for the mobile environment.

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The app, which worked to reduce the footprint of your mailbox whilst boosting the search capabilities within your email, had previously been a very popular choice in the App store that not only saved time in searching but also money in download costs. On the acquisition of reMail, the app has now been withdrawn from the App Store with no news on its potential return or in what guise it will return as.

From a Google perspective, the acquisition of one little App may seem quite trivial but it points to the larger picture of their mobile intentions. With a track record in acquiring smaller companies for their technology, and for integrating them within Google at a rapid rate (think Writely to Google Docs) – this could be a sign of Gmail improvements coming.

Congrats to Gabor, and we looking forward to seeing what he can do at Google.

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