facebook logo Facebook Revamps Help Center For Its Growing Unwashed MassesFacebook wants to make sure that your mom can figure out Facebook, and that when she does have the inevitable question (“what is a facebooks?”), she has a place to have in answered.

Facebook has released a refresh of their Help Center, expanding it and adding a number of improvements.

Facebook’s Help Center was never an amazing product, it bumped along as good enough. Now, with Facebook exploding with hundreds of thousands of new users daily they have put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and added in some great new capabilities to help the new new faces get settled.

Piece by piece, Facebook has improved search, added in filters, made it simpler for users to ask other users for advice, and given each help section a unique URL for sharing around the internet via email, or what have you. This is what the new page looks like:

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Facebook is mainstream, and helping people who are lost find their way is the road to long term user retention. In other news, Mashable has today launched their own Facebook guide. You can find that here.