google_logo_13Google has just introduced a wonderful way to use Google Search to find information in other regions and languages.

The tool has been available for some time, but today it becomes a fully integrated new feature of Google Search, making it easier for you to find and read results from pages across the web, even if they’re not in your own language.

So when are you likely to use this? Let’s say you’re after cheese in Amsterdam, for whatever reason, you Google it and find a decent set of results. But you’re left thinking, “I bet there are better results in Dutch, wish I spoke Dutch…”, well now, that barrier is gone.

Click “Show Options” at the top of the search results page. Select “Translated search” at the bottom of the list of options and Google will then “algorithmically” select the best language(s) to translate your search query into and then return you translated results from those pages. The tool can also obviously displays results from multiple languages if need be.

Here’s what it looks like:

Picture 4