With only 33 days left till Christmas, don’t you wish you could send a greeting card or maybe a gift to your favourite twittererPicture 15 300x80 Be the Twitter Santa!s? Well now you can, thanks to SendSocial.com that launched today!

SendSocial allows you to send parcels to your friends on Twitter, without ever knowing their address. You can also use the service to send gifts even if the only info you’ve got is their e-mail address. The service notifies the intended recipient that someone wants to send them something via a tweet or email. The recipient chooses whether they want to accept the parcel, and in case they do they fill in their delivery address. This piece of information is stored encrypted on SendSocial. All the sender gets is a barcode addres, which he prints and attaches to the parcel. Afterwards the sender notifies the couriers that are working with SendSocial (right now their only courier partner is myHermes) and they collect and deliver the package.

So do you have a “naughty” and a “good” list on your Twitter? It’s time to make use of them!

 Be the Twitter Santa!