Apple continues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Macintosh, this time with a short film shot entirely with the iPhone 5s.

The footage was captured in a single day with 15 camera crews embedded in multiple locations around the world, including London, Shanghai and Botswana. The video highlights how different people use the Macintosh, iPhone and iPad to accomplish incredible feats in their everyday lives, spanning the educational, medical and creative spheres.

It’s supplemented with a moving original soundtrack, which reinforces how the Macintosh has always been embraced by – and marketed toward – innovators, creators and the “crazy ones“.

Apple released another video tribute on the day the Mac turned 30, featuring a range of pioneers, innovators and creative figures; Moby, Maki Sugimoto, April Greiman, Daito Manabe, Hans Zimmer, Tinker Hatfield, Iris van Herpen, John Maeda, Noemi Trainor, Nick Knight and Theodore Gray.

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YouTube (Via The Verge/ Recode)