In a move that almost certainly nothing more than a strange error, Apple’s Canadian team has listed some of its apps as being “optimized for iPhone 6,” The Verge reports.

The description is only present for four of Apple’s own apps — iMove, iPhoto, Pages and Keynote — and it is only affects apps in the Canadian iTunes store. Yet, some could push the boat out and cite this as an allusion to the future arrival of a device sporting a different (read: larger) screen, which apps must be altered and optimized for… but that’s a big push for a typo.

Update: The descriptions are now fixed, here’s how they looked earlier:


A larger phone isn’t expected to be announced at Apple’s media event next week, but there has been speculation that such a device — jokingly referred to as an ‘iPhablet’ — could be introduced next year.

Back in June, Reuters suggested Apple was considering a phone with a 5.7-inch screen, and that was raised by a Wall Street Journal report this week claiming a 6-inch version of the iPhone is being tested.

One thing is for sure: Apple’s team in Canada has some explaining to do.

➤ Apple’s iMovie, Pages, Keynote apps are ‘optimized for iPhone 6’ [The Verge]

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Headline image via nechbi/Flickr