Apple says 40-minute iMessage outage affected 30% of users

Apple says 40-minute iMessage outage affected 30% of users

Apple’s iMessage users are reporting the service is experiencing an outage. It’s not currently clear how many are affected and whether or not this is part of a broader issue.

A quick search on Twitter for “iMessage down” shows that many are experiencing the issue. The first report of the problem we could find was made at 3:42 PM EST.

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Apple’s Services, Stores, and iCloud page showed an outage between 3:35 PM and 4:11 PM, with 30 percent of users affected. At 5:15 PM EST, many users are still claiming they can’t use iMessage.

Apple first announced iMessage in June 2011, and has trumpeted the service as a cornerstone of its iOS and OS X platforms. Unfortunately, the service has experienced multiple outages since its inception, ranging from just a few minutes to many hours.

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