Apple has confirmed the roll-out of movie support for iTunes in the Cloud across 11 European nations, while France has received both movies and TV shows.

[Updated to reflect confirmation]

Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden have all received the service, which allows access to previously downloaded movies. Apple confirmed with us by email that France was the only country in this batch to receive iTunes in the Cloud for TV shows.


French website iGen first noticed the new compatibility, while users in Sweden and the Netherlands reported on Twitter on Wednesday that they had gained access to iTunes in the Cloud.


Apple first introduced iTunes in the Cloud in 2011 alongside the release of its iCloud service. As of last September, iTunes in the Cloud had over 200 million users.

The company has been gradually introducing the service to other countries. Currently, only Australia, Canada, the UK and the US are listed as supporting both movies and TV Shows for iTunes in the Cloud, though over 80 countries are listed as supporting movies.

Image credits: Evaristo Sa / Getty ImagesiGen