During its earnings call today, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that Apple had sold over 500M iOS devices, at a rate of 10 per second in the last quarter alone.

Apple sold a record-breaking 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads this quarter, at a rate of 6 iPhones per second, and 3 iPads per second. This means that Apple’s iPhone sales are up 23% in comparison to its fiscal Q1 of 2012, when it reported 37 million iPhone sales. iPad sales have grown 33% in comparison to its Q1 ’12, up from 15.4 million iPad sales.

“We’re thrilled with record revenue of over $54 billion and sales of over 75 million iOS devices in a single quarter,” said Cook in a release. “We’re very confident in our product pipeline as we continue to focus on innovation and making the best products in the world.”

Apple also announced that it now has some 250M iCloud users, who are sending 2B iMessages a day. Though Apple’s earnings came in very strong, and above guidance, the revenue numbers slightly missed industry analyst estimates, causing the stock to drop in after hours trading.