The original TwelveSouth BackPack was a pretty slick way to hang a hard drive on the support bar of an iMac or Apple display, tucking it out of the way and keeping it off of your desk. The new version, the BackPack 2, adds some nice new abilities, like vertical storage for MacBook Airs.

The BackPack 2 mounts in much the same way as the original, on the back support of an iMac or Apple display. You can adjust the height vertically wherever you like using two clips, and it now comes with two support pegs.

The pegs let you store items that would have been too tall vertically to place on the shelf before, letting you stick a MacBook Air behind a display, for instance. It also now flips around the front of the support bar to give you access to items underneath the front of a Thunderbolt or Cinema display, a nice tweak to the design.

Add in the BackPack 2’s additional cable management tools and it seems to add up to a pretty slick $35 accessory for anyone looking to minimize the impact of peripherals on their desktop space. We’ve got a review unit on the way so we’ll give you our impressions once it arrives.

BackPack 2