Apple lawyer Josh Krevitt told a San Jose federal court in San Francisco that his client could file a temporary legal order halting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, reports Bloomberg. The latest Galaxy model is set for launch later this month, but could be prevented from doing so if the restraining order was granted.

This report comes from a hearing in front of Judge Lucy Koh surrouding Apple’s motion to add the Galaxy S III to a motion for preliminary injunction against another Samsung Android product, the Galaxy Nexus.

The motion, which was filed back in February, names four patents, one of which has already had some success in use against Android devices.

The four patents are a ‘data tapping’ (a term coined by Mueller) patent, a patent related to Siri’s search functionality, a slide-to-unlock patent and a patent on the way that complete words are automatically recommended when typing them into iOS.

The hearing is still ongoing as we write this, but, according to Reuters reporter Dan Levine, Judge Koh has given Apple the choice to either go ahead with filing the restraining order on the Galaxy S III, or get its trial dates pushed back on the rest of Samsung’s products, including the Galaxy Tabs.