Revealed at Apple’s iPad 3 launch event, Epic Games’ new Infinity Blade: Dungeons title has been forever ‘Coming Soon.’ Today, we can finally bring you some footage (via Joystiq) as to how the game will look, highlighting a shift from the previous titles in the franchise.

Whereas previously you fought one-on-one with your enemies, Infinity Blade: Dungeons features a top-down view and (dare I say it) has more of a Diablo III vibe about it. Add in some touchscreen gestures and you appear to have the makings of a pretty impressive iPad game.

The E3 trailer, in it’s entirety:

Infinity Blade: Dungeons looks really slick, utilising HDR graphics and tone mapping and incorporating new lighting that the iPad’s quad-core graphics processor can handle.

Epic Games CEO Mike Capps said during Apple’s iPad launch that the Unreal Engine takes advantage of the tablet’s impressive graphics capabilities, which Capps says bests the Xbox 360 or the PS3 as far as memory is concerned — as to how, he wouldn’t elaborate.

At the time, we figured we would see the app in a couple of weeks, that’s now been extended to a couple of months. If we were to guess, it will be made available at least by Apple’s WWDC conference, but Epic has given no indication as to its release.