Shortly after announcing another bumper quarterly earnings report, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced that the company now has 125 million iCloud users, adding around 25 million users in just over two months.

This followed statistics that showed Apple has sold more than 365 million iOS devices, with more than 50 million in the last quarter. The App Store hit 600,000 apps total, with more than 200,000 available for the iPad.

iTunes customers now have a staggering 28 million songs and 45,000 movies to choose from, showing the sheer size of Apple’s media marketplace. This roughly equates to 1.4 million hours of songs on iTunes now, assuming that each song is 3 minutes long.

In February, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced at a Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference that the syncing service iCloud had reached 100 million users. A month previous last month, Cook said that the service had 85 million users, seeing growth of 15 million users in 21 days.

Apple is expected to announce more iCloud features at its WWDC conference which is expected to be held in the Summer. With 35 million iPhones and nearly 12 million iPads in the last quarter, the company’s growth will undoubtedly see it hit 150 million users by mid-June, if not sooner.