We’re huge fans of the work that Pad & Quill does making polished cases for Apple products. We’ve reviewed the Contega for iPad and the Cartella for MacBook Air previously and found them to be fantastic.

But there was one product that P&Q didn’t cover, and they decided today was the right day to announce that they were going to take care of the littlest Apple music player: the iPod Nano.

The Littlest Black Book is actually a real product, unlike man other April Fools gags you’ve seen today. I actually held it in my hands at Macworld and it was awesome. You would think that it would be impractical to have a folio-style case be that small and, well, it kind of is, but it is also awesome.

It’s got a tiny wood frame, a little bookmark and bookplate. There’s even a strap to keep it closed. The thing is crafted just as well as the other P&Q stuff that I’ve used and I can tell you that I would genuinely love to buy one of these things. To that end, P&Q has set up a Kickstarter page for the Littlest Black Book where you can help make it a reality.

If you’re a regular Nano user and have been looking for a unique case for it, check this thing out, it’s actually pretty cool.

Littlest Black Book on Kickstarter