Well this is a very cool development for those who have purchased, or are planning on purchasing, the Verizon version of the new LTE iPad. It turns out that the micro-SIM slot on the device will accept a standard AT&T chip and it runs just fine on its 3G network.

The micro-SIM slot on the Verizon version of the iPad was intended for use when roaming internationally, outside of the reach of LTE networks. But it turns out that it also works on the AT&T 3G networks domestically, as discovered by a Macrumors forum member.

This is a pretty cool development, as it would have been easy for the Verizon edition to be locked down so that it wouldn’t be able to use AT&T’s GSM networks here in the states. The device will only work on the standard 3G, HSPA+ and EDGE networks because Verizon and AT&T’s LTE networks are not compatible.

Still, this is a nice development for those who have purchased Verizon iPads for their LTE capabilities, but have AT&T SIM cards as well, effectively eliminating the need to pay for Verizon service if they already have an active AT&T data account. It also gives those users more flexibility with data area coverage, as they can swap in an AT&T SIM in crappy Verizon data areas if needed.

There are a couple of changes needed to the carrier settings, but nothing major. Another great reason to get the Verizon edition of the new iPad, rather than the AT&T flavor.