Following its new iPad announcement earlier today, Apple has updated several of its iOS apps, which can now handle Retina Display, among other new features.

The most interesting update is the one it released for Remote, the app that already let you control iTunes and Apple TV via your mobile Apple devices over wi-fi. Thanks to the new version, Remote now supports iTunes Match on Apple TV – not to mention Retina Display.

Apple’s book reading app iBooks also gained additional features today, and its version 2.1 now lets you use your finger as a highlighter when swiping over text. The way it handles page numbers is also more convenient – they’ll match the print edition’s, and you can also search for a page number to jump directly to the corresponding page.

Besides Remote and iBooks, Apple also released a redesign of iTunes U, as well as new versions of Find My Friends and Find My iPhone to fix a few bugs, enhance stability and support the new iPad.