With Microsoft rolling out its media-centric Xbox 360 update earlier this week, Apple has begun to roll out a new update to Apple TVs that enables users in the UK, Canada and Australia to stream TV shows to their media boxes.

9to5mac originally reported that Canadian users were receiving the new streaming options, with Engadget later confirming Australia and the UK.

Previously, users had to download TV shows to their desktop, load them in iTunes and then port them across to their Apple TVs. With the new update, that process has been replaced with direct streams that can be delivered to the Apple device.

As the Apple TV doesn’t have a dedicated harddrive, streaming shows direct to the device is a necessary feature – and now it seems those outside the U.S have the opportunity to enjoy the new options.

Apple has yet to confirm details of the update, so there could be more countries added to the list of those receiving the new streaming option. We will of course update you in due course.