Popular Mac email application Sparrow has received an update, hitting the Mac App Store to deliver Dropbox support, remote image blocking and new advanced search filters.

In its previous update, Sparrow received CloudApp and Pull to Refresh support but today the company has moved to include yet more cloud syncing support with the inclusion of Dropbox. Users can drag, drop and send (in effect synchronising) attachments, ensuring that they are not lost.

Another small but useful improvement is the inclusion of a ‘Block Remote Images’ feature, which will control how images are displayed in your emails – perfect for those who receive a huge number of spam or image-laden email messages. Users can choose to display images once or always, giving approval to domains and email senders that they trust.

Lastly, Sparrow 1.5 includes Gmail-like search filters which can assist users with finding that important message from the thousands that accrue in their Gmail inboxes. Common operators like FROM and includes time filters to drill down deeper into your archives.

It’s another impressive update from the Sparrow team, building its email app to include native cloud support via Dropbox and CloudApp. By improving its search features, it will hope it can tempt more users away from Gmail’s web interface.

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