Walter Isaacson appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday to talk about his biography of Steve Jobs. In the seven-minute interview, he discusses Steve’s emotional side and his famed reality distortion field and speaks a bit about how hard it was to try to distance himself from the magnetic personality of the subject of his biography.

There isn’t too much opportunity for humour when discussing the subject of the late Apple co-founder but Isaacson finishes with what Stewart jokingly calls “the best eulogy I have ever heard in my life”. When asked about the relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Isaacson describes them as having “unbelievably different personalities”. He says:

Steve Jobs is very mystical, artistic, comes from the counterculture; Bill Gates is awesomely smart […] and that makes a great business model for Microsoft, but he never makes the artistic products. I mean, in the end, he makes the Zune and Steve makes the iPod!

The entire episode can be watched on the show’s official website, with the Isaacson segment kicking in at 13:42.