iphone 4g 260x214 Last Nail In The iPhone 3Gs Coffin   No More Online OrderingWe brought you news yesterday of rumors up in the air that Apple had cut off orders and shipments of the iPhone 3G. Even then however the phones were available for purchase via Apple’s website, if not in other places.

No more, the phones have lost their select button on the Apple website that actually allows them to be purchased. Check it out here. In short, Apple is ending its second generation of iPhones on the double. This is of course expected to make way for the forthcoming iPhone 4G which should debut during Steve Job’s first day speech at WWDC.

iphone store change 499x157 Last Nail In The iPhone 3Gs Coffin   No More Online Ordering

Among industry insiders and experts it is generally accepted that the iPhone 3GS will replace the 3G iPhone as Apple’s baby phone, of course until another year slips by and the iPhone 4G will supplant the 3GS as the cheaper device.

The Apple product cycle ticks on without a hitch, are you going to upgrade?