A 9 to 5 Mac reader sends an email to Steve Jobs mentioning the Gizmodo saga but also hoping the entire saga hasn’t left Jobs with no surprises for WWDC.


Hey, Steve.
Been reading about the fiasco that happened over the weekend. I don’t know if what Gizmodo has is a real next gen iPhone but I certainly don’t like what they did. I really hope that you give them what they deserve for this.
Also; please don’t be too hard on the guy that lost the phone.
Anyhoo; Here’s hoping that the WWDC will still be exciting – even if the main event was kinda spoiled. I’m sure you’ll still surprise us, though. It’s what you do ~_^

Jobs’ reply:

“Don’t worry about the WWDC. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

You’ve got to give the man credit. He knows how to get people pumped.