The iSlate might not be a Tablet after all…but an eBook Reader!?

The iSlate might not be a Tablet after all…but an eBook Reader!?

Picture 41Well this is going to come as a disappointment to the masses of Apple lunatics who have already begun saving for the upcoming tablet release.

If QuickPwn’s sources are to be believed, the iSlate isn’t an Apple tablet but rather an eBook Reader designed to take on Amazon’s Kindle head to head.

So. Much. Tech.

Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May.

The tablet will reportedly run on Apple’s upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 software and will include a seperate App Store for eBooks. Apple will be announcing the iSlate eBook reader at WWDC 2010, which our sources says is being held on June 7.

Other sources believe that that the Tablet could in fact still make an appearance but under a different name, potentially iGuide – although personally iGuide doesn’t match up with the type of name Apple would usually decide to run with for it’s product (aside from the “i” of course).

“the trademark classification for iGuide seems to be particularly telling. While most of these classifications seem to cover an overly broad range of possibilties, iGuide’s paints a picture of an all purpose media browser.”

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