dropzone logo 150x150 Dropzone   A great way to get things done?Dropzone is another one of those handy little Mac apps whose soul purpose in life is to make things easier and simpler for you to do. Is it successful at it? After using it for a couple of weeks now I have to say that it is… taking tasks as mundane (although not all together difficult) such as installing a new application and streamlining it into a process of just dragging and dropping.

Developed by Aptonic Software, the application describes it as the ‘swiss army knife of drag and drop’ which will really help you get a feel for what this app is all about. Whether it be uploading a file, shortening a URL, adding a file to Dropbox and quite a few other tasks (even having text dropped into it being read out to you!?), they can all be accomplished with a quick drag and drop.

EventsWindow 300x218 Dropzone   A great way to get things done?

I will be the first to admit that the biggest obstacle to adopting Dropzone is just getting used to it. Having passed that barrier I now found it has become second nature to rely on it. In a lot of respects it has taken another app reviewed recently Droplr and put it on steroids which for this reviewer works a treat … it may be only saving me sometimes seconds of time but it all adds up!

Dropzone is available for free as a trial, with the full application costing $10.