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I live in the US but Paydro is trying to charge VAT, what to do?
After filling in your details and proceeding to checkout, before you confirm the payment, the VAT will be automatically removed from your bill according to your country of residence. Please check this on the final confirmation page.

What time does the class start?
Most of our classes start at 6pm GMT unless otherwise indicated. We recommend using to make sure you have the right time for your area.

How do I log in for the class?
On the second page of your ticket, you can find a link to register for the class. Please do this registration at least one day before the class, using your real name and a valid email. We will also send a reminder email once more the day before the class, to make sure everyone has registered and is able to join.

Do I need to download any particular software to follow the class?
After registering, a download will start automatically and install GoToWebinar by Citrix.

Are there special system requirements for the webinar software?
No, any desktop computer or laptop with a decent internet connection will do. However you cannot join through mobile devices.

I need to join the webinar via dial-in, is that possible?
Yes, more information will be provided in the email from GoToWebinar after you register.

How do I launch the platform to follow the class?
The same link that you used to register will launch the platform the day of the class.

I launched the platform but nothing is happening. When does the class start?
You are advised to join up to 10 minutes before the class starts as we do not launch the platform much earlier. If the organizers did not open the webinar yet, the platform will not launch and you will have to try again. Don’t forget to check when the class starts for you via A reminder email is also sent 1h prior to the class by GoToWebinar if you registered already.

Can I talk to the tutor directly?
No, attendees cannot talk via microphone to the tutor. However you are strongly encouraged to use the question box provided by the platform. The tutor does not see this box, it is the moderator who asks the questions during the assigned Q&A breaks and at the end of the class. Please use the question box for questions only, as it is visible to the moderator only; the other attendees cannot see what you wrote either as GoToWebinar does not have a chat system for the attendees.

Can I still ask questions after the class has ended?
Yes, most of the tutors give out contact details (twitter/email) that the attendees can use if they have any further inquiries after the class.

I missed the class, what now?
We send everyone a link to download the video recording of the class on the following day. Please allow up to 24hrs for this email to reach you.

The download of the video doesn’t work.
The download link expires after 2 weeks. Please make sure you download the video as soon as possible after the date of the actual class. Contact us if you experience issues with the download.

I didn’t receive any email concerning the login or the video.
Please check your spam folder thoroughly, we send a login info reminder the day before the class, and the video recording is sent the day after the class. Please make sure you use a valid email address (preferably your own) when registering on Paydro or GoToWebinar. Emails such as admin[@] are not considered valid by our system and will prevent you from receiving any information from us. If none of the above work and our emails still aren’t reaching you, contact

I want to buy a video from the Archive but it’s not available.
If the video of a class is not available, it is very likely that for various reasons we are not selling it at the moment. We are trying to re-organize the classes that were successful and that the audience shows an interest towards. So drop us an email with the topics you are interested in and we will try to make it happen in the nearest future.

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