• by John Saddington – Co-Founder, 8bit

    John Saddington is, without question, one of the most respected names when it comes to WordPress. As a co-Founder of 8bit and the creator of Pressgram, he has developed some of the best practices and most-used tactics for WordPress publishing. He’s been a professional blogger for over 12 years, and has a wealth of information to share when it comes to WordPress publishing.

    WordPress is the fastest growing and most popular blogging platform on the planet and is, without question, the defacto-standard when it comes to online publishing. What’s unfortunate is that most WordPress users are not as familiar as they need to be with some of the core components of the actual application that can improve their entire blog publishing experience!

    In this fast-paced and highly practical/tactical lesson, John will walk you through the admin from soup-to-nuts uncovering techniques and options within WordPress that you may never have known existed. Dramatically increase your blog publishing pipeline, increase the speed of production (and the speed of your blog), as well as optimize for SEO and more! You will also learn about top-level strategy for categories, tags, WordPress Themes and Plugins.

    John Saddington
    1.5 hours
    August 15
    John Saddington

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