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White and Red Blackberry Passports Available for Pre-Order

thanksgiving gourds

I Have 46 Thanksgivings Left With Family. Then, I’ll Be Dead.


Crimson Keyboard: A Clever New Way of Typing on iOS

Google Shopping

Google Adds Detailed Info to Shopping Search Results on Mobile Devices


Facebook's Social Network for Businesses Reportedly Launching January 2015

Apple RED Apps

Apple Partners with (RED) to Fight AIDS with Special App and Retail Promos


It's Time To Treat Push Notifications As Sacred

data sets design

Data Scientists are Changing the Face of Business Intelligence


Wouldn't it Be Good to See a Tweet's Ripples?

Two Incredibly Useful Questions to Ask in a Job Interview


Fawning Over Phones: Our Worrying Addiction?

rocket launch

Launching Your Spaceship: The Essentials of Product Launch Processes


Hands-On with Parrot’s Bebop Drone

The European Parliament Wants to Split Up Google

desk work office

Productivity Advice I Learned From People Smarter Than Me

Early Black Friday Deals Roundup – Best of the Week


WANTED: 2 Social Media Animals to Join TNW as Interns

iPhone 6 Plus

What’s On Your Home Screen: Zady's Soraya Darabi

Pebble Updates Its Smartwatch Firmware with Expanded Character Set and Full Notification Support on Android


Jolla Smashes $1m Crowdfunding Barrier