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A screen shows a rolling feed of new ‘Ge

ICANN introduces its first top-level domains using non-Latin characters


Microsoft, Nokia Etc. Unhappy With Google's gTLD Requests

Google logo

Google Paid $25 Million for the .app Domain


EU Calls for Internet Governance to be Less Concentrated in the US


.London Domains Open on April 29

A screen shows a rolling feed of new ‘Ge

How Many New Domain Names Will the Explosion in gTLDs Really Produce?


New York's .NYC Domain Opens for Registration Late 2013

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Amazon Forks Out $4.6M for .Buy Domain


US Commerce Department approves renewal of VeriSign .Com contract through 2018; no more automatic price increases

A screen shows a rolling feed of new ‘Ge

Amazon, Google Warned as Government Panel Files Over 250 gTLD Objections

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U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer on keeping the Internet pure


This Week in Technology Policy and Politics