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China Revokes Media Firm Sina's Publishing License

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7 Things You Can do Right Now to Protect Your Vision

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Why You Should Build Your Product in Public

rosie riveter

10 Ways to Help You Innovate and Get Stuff Done

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Technology Isn’t The Only Answer to Digital Disruption


Microsoft’s BUILD 2012 developer conference is now open for registrations

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12 Gadgets We'd Love to See Re-Engineered


China's UCWeb Launches UC Browser for PC

xiaomi 9

Xiaomi's Social Media Strategy Drives Fan Loyalty

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The Spotify Effect: Why Every Company Is Now A Data Company


This Open Source Laptop Helps Developers Gain Freedom In Hardware


Adblock Plus Publishes Acceptable Ads Manifesto


Nest's Smart Thermostat Is Now Available to Buy in the UK

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos addresses a press

How Amazon Could Stand Out With A Set-Top Box


Report: Motorola Sales Climb In The UK


The Pirate Bay Kicks Off April Fools' Day Early

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Facebook Acquires Oculus VR for Approximately $2 Billion


The Developer's Evolution: How Cloud And Open Source Changed The Landscape

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Get Out of Your Head and Start Something


Delta is offering the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs at 35,000 feet