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Hong Kong Group Battles Huge DDoS Attack

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What is a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attack?


Kroes: We Need Stronger Data Safeguards After Snowden’s ‘Wake-up Call’

Sony booth

Sony Pays £250,000 UK Fine From PlayStation Network Hack

News Corp’s BSkyB Takeover

British Broadcaster BSkyB Has Its Android App Listings Hacked

Computer Hackers Meet For Annual Congress

LivingSocial Hacked, 50M Accounts Reported Affected, Passwords Reset


Australian Federal Police Arrest Alleged LulzSec Leader

Sales Of Low Cost Canned Meat Spam On The Rise Amid Rising Food Cost

Spamhaus Is Battling a 300 Billion Bits-Per-Second DDoS

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Four of Our Favorite Startups From YC's Demo Day Second Batch


US to press China on cyberattacks, White House reports on day it is accused by North Korea of hacking it


US Intends Penalties for Cyber Warfare


Security Firm Outs Chinese Hackers with Screen Capture Video


Kim Dotcom Launches Mega Vulnerability Reward Program To Find Bugs


Twitter Gets Hacked And 250,000 Accounts May Have Been Affected

New York Times Seeks Buyouts Before Imposing Layoffs

NYT Faced Extended Hack After Exposé on Chinese Official's Family

Napolitano Tours Cyber Crimes Center At ICE Office In Fairfax

US Homeland Security Secretary Warns '9/11 of Cyber World' Imminent


ZTE Heads to Washington to Burnish Tarnished Image


Botnet Steals $47M from 30K European Bank Accounts

“Black Friday” Marks Start Of Holiday Shopping Season

Cybersecurity Critical for Businesses on Cyber Monday


How Much Freedom Do You Really Have Online?