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you can write

Copywriting Tips for the Novice Blogger

crowd street

10 Tactics Quibb Used to Build an Influential Community


The Challenges of Emotion vs. Data-Driven Marketing


Some Last Thoughts on the 'iWatch'

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 2.52.41 PM

The Klara app lets you send photos of your skin problems to certified dermatologists

Photo 05-09-2014 12 15 31

Wakie Wakes You With Phone Calls From Strangers


Movli: An all Singing, Dancing Platform for Movie Lovers

design notes

How We Redesigned Our Product in Less Than a Week


Hackers Reportedly Use a Police Tool to Access iCloud Data

recession recovery

August in Latin America: Tech News Roundup


Endomondo Releases an iPhone 5s App for Tracking Your Steps


Facebook Introduces Bandwidth Targeting For Advertisers


Airbnb to Turn Over Data for 124 New York Hosts


Secret to Block Posts Naming 'Private Individuals'


Apple Delists Secret iOS App in Brazil

Google Chrome’s logo is seen at Google’s

27 of the Best Chrome Extensions You Should Check out Today


Use Crowdsourced Data To Find What's Draining Your iPhone

Berlin Startup Tour

5 Strategies for Keeping a Startup Vibe in a Growing Company

Screenshot 2014-08-15 10.37.15

Whisper Launches Project to Battle Mental Health Issues


Reddit Asks Press to Get Permission when Sourcing Stories