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Apple’s iCloud service is down for some users [Update: It's working again]

If you’re trying to check your Apple-supplied email you might be out of luck. Some users are currently unable to access iCloud services or even the iCloud site. Apple’s services… Keep reading →

HTC One M8 Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 adoption accelerates, says Windows Store trend report


Twitter publishes the schedule for Flight, its first mobile developer conference


Apple Releases Bash Security Flaw Patch for OS X


Show Focus Points for Lightroom is a handy imaging plug-in

The Google logo can be seen on bags duri

Google Forms Gets Randomized Questions and Menu Search


Google's Chromebooks Get Adobe Photoshop Streaming


Tango Music Pix App Launches for Android Now; iOS Soon


Waze Update Lets Users Edit Information on Places