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Feedly’s new ‘slider’ view makes it easier to read your RSS feed

Feedly was one of the big beneficiaries from the demise of Google Reader last year, with RSS certainly showing no signs of dying any time soon. Indeed, Feedly is continuing… Keep reading →

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Breaking News for Android now delivers alerts based on your proximity to the breaking news

Alibaba logistics

Alibaba is breaking out of China while the rest of the world tries to break in


Bubbly, Voice for Twitter, Sold to Indian Firm


Apple Delists Secret iOS App in Brazil


Google's Self-Drive Cars Need Manual Controls for Testing

pen notebook desk

5 Weak Words Writers Should Avoid (And What to Use Instead)


Camu for iPhone Puts an Elegant Spin on Social Photography

Pictures appear on the smartphone photo

Instagram Announces Account Insights, Ad Insights, Ad staging