The Apple Design Awards for 2010 have been held today with winners from all over the world announced.

The ceremony, run as part of the Apple World Wide Developers Conference  in San Francisco, recognises “iPhone OS applications that demonstrate technical excellence, innovation, technology adoption, and quality.”

Australian iPhone/iPad developer Firemint was the star of the show winning awards in both categories – a best iPhone app award for FlightControl HD and a best iPhone app award for Real Racing.

That’s great news for the team that has managed to work out the magic formula of design and usability excellence along with commercial success.

For those who don’t remember we ran a story in March highlighting how Firemint had already sold over 2 Million copies of Flight Control and had over 5 Million copies of Real Racing GTI downloaded, all before their iPad versions had dropped.

If Firemint Community manager, Alex Peters’, tweet is anything to go by, the team was pretty happy about the awards as well:

A list of all the award winners can be found below:

Best iPad apps:

Best iPhone apps: