distimologo 320 300x187 Distimo: Better mobile app analytics, for free.Four guys noticed a problem: When you are a maker of mobile applications, tracking the sales can be an exercise in frustration.  Out of this frustration, Distimo was born.

When you are a developer, having accurate access to your sales information is key.  Though individual outlets offer sales reports, you want your numbers to be plainly laid out in front of you, across all of your platforms.  This is what Distimo has perfected.

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Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Distimo made the trek to The Next Web ’10 and announced its newest features:

Full Android Market and iPad Store support, including daily downloads and revenue, popularity rankings and popularity of competing applications…for free.

Distimo makes its money from the people who can afford it: operators and handset manufacturers.  By providing analysis to developers, the company is also gathering information that’s invaluable to the companies with fatter wallets.

Accurate, well-displayed sales information will be the storm that surges the mobile development market forward.  Until now, developers using Distimo could only add the Android Store as a secondary platform, and that was only if they already had applications in Apple’s App Store.

DistimoGraphic Distimo: Better mobile app analytics, for free.

The other huge advantages of Distimo?  It’s not necessary to implement any additional code into your product.  This means that developers can write lighter applications, with less overhead.  In a market where every bit of data transfer counts, this point rings clear.

When it comes to finding out what is happening with your mobile application sales, there simply is no company that is doing it better than Distimo.  Want to check it out for yourself?  Try out the live demo on the Distimo site, then sign up and start making more money from your work.

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