Digg listens and makes changes to the DiggBar. You will now only see it if YOU choose to.Launched just a few days ago, the DiggBar was initially met with some excitement, however it wasn’t long before excitement turned to frustration and people began voicing theirs.

Digg, despite its size and on many levels proving the DiggBar to be a success, have once again listened to their users and made alterations to exactly how the DiggBar works.

Here’s the run down:

1. If you are a Digg member and have selected not to see the bar (in settings), you will never see the bar.

2. If you are not a Digg member, you will never see the bar.

3. If you are a Digg member but not logged in, you will never see the bar.

Need to give credit where it’s due, Digg have listened and with just a small change to how the bar actually works, it should leave most users content that they can control whether they see it or not.

I expect further customization options to appear soon. The ability to only see the DiggBar when one of your (Digg) friends have Dugg the post or when the post has already received over 300 Diggs for example would be a welcome addition. That should ensure you’ll only need to view the DiggBar on Digg worthy content.

Note. Although confirmed, you should see these changes should be implemented over the next few days.