One of the main reasons why conferences are so important to attend are the parties around it. As you probably know the parties are perfect places to really connect with people. This year you get great value for your money! Apart from 3 days of great content and inspiring people, we have a full party schedule for you.

Get ready to party:

Wednesday Night:

Get the party started at HotelV, Music & Bits will take care of the music. All speakers, and a lot of international guests, stay at Hotel V so this might be a great opportunity to meet some of them. Starts at 21:00 and the hotel expect to close up around 23:30. We will see about that. ;-)

Picture made by Julia de Boer @ The Next Web Party 2008

Thursday Night:

The Next Web goes Wolvenstreet! There are 3 parties in 3 bars next to each other:

Dinner and Party (Free Beer!) @ Brix 19:30 – 01:00 First drinks by iTypeFastR (interested in sponsoring?)
Dinner and Party (Free Beer!) @ Loup 19:30 – 01:00 (interested in sponsoring?)
Dinner and Party (Free Beer!) @ Wolvenstraat bar 21:00 – 01:00

The Wolvenstraat is our favorite street in Amsterdam and we love to hang out, have dinner and drinks there. For dinner you can book your own table with friends or new business contacts and make it your own side event.

Book your table at the Brix via +31206390351
Book a table next door at Loup via +31 20 3307470.

Make sure you mention The Next Web, because otherwise they’ll tell you that they’re fully booked.

Picture made by Julia de Boer @ The Next Web Party 2008

Friday Night:

The Next Web Dinner @ Odeon, first course at 19:00hrs (only 7 tickets left)
The Next Web Closing Party @ Odeon 21:00 – 04:00 (Free entrance for Next Web peeps until 22:30hrs).
Free Beer, Champagne and DJ Rodrigues de Souza Faria!

Picture made by Julia de Boer @ The Next Web Party 2008