I discovered something today which genuinely changes my whole Twitter experience. In fact, it changes it dramatically.

One of the biggest gripes I’ve always had with Twitter is having to view everyone else @replies to other people , the majority of these replies making absolutely no sense as you haven’t been tuned into the conversation.

Well today, after a simple tweet:

“I would love a Twitter view for all Tweets not starting with @”

Steve Reynolds, now my idol, replied:

@Zee turn off @replies in prefs?? none of my home feed tweets include @replies

  I have used Twitter for over two years, I follow over 2000 people and am followed by over 3000. My point is, I’m no newbie, yet I definitely did not know about this feature and if I didn’t know, there’s bound to be many other people who didn’t too.

So how do you disable all @replies?

Make sure you are logged in to Twitter and click here. Simply change your @replies setting to “no @ replies” in the drop down menu.

picture 172 Did you Know You Could Disable @Replies from Your Twitter Feed? I Didnt. This Changes Everything!

Even Better News

Changing this options disabled @replies not only on Twitter.com but any 3rd party application you may be using too. Hallelujah.