2156527469 87452af882 o Offline Google Calendar Comes to Google AppsIt’s Christmas all over again for Google fans this week with offline Gmail access, the introduction of Latitude and now with offline Calendar access (albeit only for Google Apps users). 

Google Apps users will notice an “Offline (beta)” link in the top right corner of their Google Calendar. Clicking the link will request that you confirm you would like offline access to your Google Calendar and if you’ve got Google Gears installed this set up and sync should be a breeze.

Unfortunately this is the point at which you may realise why this is very much in “beta”, Offline Google Calendar is “read only” which means no editing or adding events when offline which is  both a tease and highly frustrating to say the least. 

Let’s hope Google steps up a few ‘gears’ with development of this as soon as possible. 

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