picture 23 Wonga.com   Mini Cash Loans in a Matter of MinutesWonga is a UK based startup which provides loan amounts of between £50-£750 which are to be repaid within 1 month.

The company, launched officially mid last year, allows new members to borrow up to £200 at first (subject to a credit check) with the amounts increasing as the individual repays smaller amounts – building up trust. Interest rates for the loans are 1% per month, equal to13.8% APR. 

Wonga is funded to the tune of £3m by Balderton Capital who have also invested in growing P2P lender Zopa

There’s undoubtedly a place for this type of service and although I haven’t personally been through the process myself (maybe I should?), comments from people who have seem to all be positive…assuming you pay back within the time given. 

picture 22 Wonga.com   Mini Cash Loans in a Matter of MinutesWonga’s CEO and founder Errol Damelin by Intruders.tv, the video is emdedded for you below. I also highly recommend you read The Guardians interview with the founder.


via the great Springwise.