We’ve welcomed our first new sponsor since we’ve introduced a new ad system. Mo’ money, mo’ blogs, so we’re pretty happy. Though we do feel that sponsors must have a certain coolness surrounding them – as the 125 x 125 pixels banners really have an impact on your Next Web Blog experience. So, why is MIG69 cool enough to be our sponsor?

20090115 e77ba15mechgndn8mguukh9tuy Why MIG69 is cool enough to be our sponsor

Doesn’t matter how large a video site is, most of the times it’s facing monetization problems. And that’s bad, considering the enormous bandwidth costs. We’ve covered this problem quite a lot on The Next Web, here are some examples:

MIG69 hosts videos for companies and provides them with statistics and fancy players. It has recently introduced a business model to maximize revenues for advertisements on online videos. The Dutch company links several large online video advertising networks – e.g. Tremor Media, ScanScout and VideoStrip – and shows their advertisements based on their own target market and characteristics.

Eric‐Paul Scholten, CEO of mother company Minoto Interactive Media Group:

“Our new method ensures that our partners and customers do not have to sign up with the advertising networks themselves; they don’t even require an account. Via the MIG69 platform they are directly connected with the industry players, which normally would not be possible for a publisher with 100.000‐250.000 views per month.”

Initiatives that help online video publishers to survive are cool, I reckon. By doing that, they preserve diversity on the web.