The antidote for the Financial Crisis; help a friend

The antidote for the Financial Crisis; help a friend

stocksThe financial crisis becomes more and more pervasive and a lot of people have been hit hard by falling stocks. Everybody is facing tough economic times, but the people who have their money in stocks have even less reasons to smile.
Today is again a bearish day, indices are falling again (Amsterdam -5%, London -9%, Frankfurt -9%, Paris -5%, Brussels -5%).

In recognition of these bearish times, the Blog08 conference, organized by Ernst-Jan and Edial and cooperation with The Next Web, came up with a special financial crisis offer. Only today people who know people that have been hit by the crisis can buy one ticket and get their friend a free entrance pass. Help a friend!

New York, are you ready?

We’re building Momentum: an all killer, no filler event this November.

Read on blog08 how to get it

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