Microsoft: No Genius After All

Microsoft: No Genius After All

A few weeks ago Ernst-Jan wrote an article where he claimed that the new Microsoft Ad campaign with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates was probably an act of genius but we just didn’t ‘get it’ yet:

It’s genius, but we, dazed and confused early adopters, don’t see it yet.

Well, it looks like we, the dazed and confused early adopters, weren’t so dazed and confused after all. Microsoft has decided to cancel the whole campaign reports Valleywag. Oh yeah.

New York, are you ready?

We’re building Momentum: an all killer, no filler event this November.

This is pretty exciting news as the whole tech world was holding its breath for the clue to these clueless movies. Now that there isn’t one I expect an avalanche of negative publicity for Microsoft whose single purpose with the campaign was to get some positive publicity for a chance. Poor Microsoft…

Here are both clips, one last time:

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